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Gold Derby editors Tom O'Neil, Joyce Eng and Daniel Montgomery debate the BAFTA mysteries going into this weekend's British Academy Film Awards. Will 'Three Billboards' beat 'The Shape of Water'? Could Sally Hawkins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Laurie Metcalf, or Christopher Plummer pull of acting upsets?

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Can any film beat 'Shape of Water' for Best Picture? Are Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand locks to win Best Actor and Actress?  Krista Smith (Vanity Fair) discusses her Oscar predictions with Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil.

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In the epic Oscar showdown between Timothee Chalamet ("Call Me By Your Name") and Gary Oldman ("Darkest Hour"), could the 22-year-old newbie take down the 59-year-old veteran? Chalamet "has been campaigning aggressively," says Gold Derby editor-in-chief Tom O'Neil in our latest 2018 Oscar predictions slugfest about the four acting races.

In our latest 2018 Oscar predictions slugfest, Gold Derby editor-in-chief Tom O'Neil defends his Best Picture prediction of "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" against managing editor Chris Beachum and senior editor Marcus James Dixon, who both currently pick "The Shape of Water." Which editor do YOU think is right?

Listen to Experts from Deadline Hollywood (Pete Hammond), Indiewire (Anne Thompson), Variety Tim Gray) & Gold Derby (Tom O'Neil) predict acting categories. Are Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand locks to win Best Actor & Actress? Are Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney invincible in the supporting races? 

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4 Oscar Experts clash over Best Picture Predictions: Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood), Anne Thompson (Indiewire), Tim Gray (Variety) and Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby). Is "Shape of Water" really out front? Or "3 Billboards"? Can "Dunkirk" or "Get Out" pull off an upset? 

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"Okay Oscar nuts, the nominations are out and 8,700 predicted them at Gold Derby!" declares editor-in-chief Tom O'Neil during our 2018 Oscar predictions smackdown. With a top score of 83.61% accuracy, executive editor Paul Sheehan topped everyone else by earning the #1 spot on the Oscar nominations leaderboard. How did he do so well in predicting those shocking surprises and unforgivable snubs, and what's out front to win Best Picture? Tom and Paul join managing editor Chris Beachum and senior editors Marcus James Dixon, Daniel Montgomery and Joyce Eng in our latest video slugfest.

Tom O'Neil chats with Ronnie Boadu, who is known as EastWest at GoldDerby where he consistently achieve a high degree of accuracy for his Oscars, Emmys and other predictions. How does he do it? What are his Oscars views now?

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The feisty editors of AwardsDaily and GoldDerby track the frontrunners to win Oscars, Producers' Guild Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 16, 2018. Will 'Three Billboards,' 'Lady Bird,' 'Shape of Water,' 'Get Out' or 'Dunkirk' break out?

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Watch Gold Derby's Tom O'Neil, Daniel Montgomery and Amanda Spears clash with strong opinions on who'll win the 2018 SAG Awards for film and TV. Also PGA Awards, too. Top contenders: "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri," "Lady Bird," "The Shape of Water," "Get Out."