Gold Derby - GoldDerby: Oscars Predictions

Oscarologists Tom O'Neil and Tariq Khan are infamous for their fierce, bloody battles over Oscar predictions. Now they come out swinging for the first time this Oscars season. Who are they picking? And why? Recorded Sept. 18, 2014.

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Yahoo Oscar pundit Thelma Adams currently predicts "The Imitation Game" to win Best Picture and Best Actor (Benedict Cumberbatch). She's betting on Amy Adams ("Big Eyes"), but the derby season is young. She chats with Gold Derby editor on Sept. 18, 2014.

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Gold Derby Editor Tom O'Neil takes on Troy Escamilla and Quintale Forte while predicting Grammy winners in the races for Best Album, Record and New Artist of 2014 (awards to be bestowed in February, 2015). Can Beyonce win Best Album? Will "Drunk in Love" even be nominated for Best Record? Will Sam Smith sweep? Will Ariana Grande be taken seriously or dismissed as too bubble gum?

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