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Now that Golden Globes and SAG Award nominations are in, veteran Oscarologist Susan Wloszczyna surveys the Oscar scene with Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil. Recorded Dec. 12, 2014.

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"I had no clue that Natalie was setting up a blindside on me for so long. She did an impeccable job setting that up," admits the latest "Survivor" castoff Jon Misch during his chat with Gold Derby. We also asked him to size up all of the remaining castaways still in the game. What does he really think about the Final 5?

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Hollywood Reporter pundit Scott Feinberg and Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil come out swinging over their latest Oscar predictions now that they've all leading films. Recorded Dec. 5, 2014.

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Those dueling Oscar divas Michael Musto and Tom O'Neil spar over their picks to win the Academy Awards. Who's right? Recorded Dec. 3, 2014.

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Al Pacino talks with Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery about why he wanted to adapt Philip Roth's "The Humbling" into a film, why it only could have worked with director Barry Levinson, and whether he sees any of himself in his character, Simon Axler, a veteran stage actor having a nervous breakdown.

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Lisa Kudrow chats with Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil about her amazing showbiz survival after "Friends" and how she keeps coming back with "The Comeback," "Web Therapy" and "Who Do You Think You Are."

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Exiting 'Survivor' contestant chats with Gold Derby editor Marcus Dixon on Nov. 6, 2014

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Shelley Porter chats with Gold Derby senior editor Marcus Dixon about the drama surrounding her and her daughter's exit from "The Amazing Race." Recorded Nov. 4, 2014

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Drew Christy explains why he threw the challenge and got booted off 'Survivor.' Also, he tattles on what you didn't see on TV. Chat with Marcus Dixon recorded Oct. 16, 2014

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Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere) and Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby) dish Oscars predictions as of Oct. 7, 2014. Jeff is betting on 'Boyhood' to win Best Picture, but Tom warns him: beware -- there are secret zombies from "The Walking Dead" behind its Oscars campaign push. REALLY! Listen in ... 

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