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"I was never, ever, ever going to quit the game," Jenn Brown clarifies during her "Survivor: Worlds Apart" exit Q&A with Gold Derby. "The move to say, 'Vote me out, I don't want to be here' partially was like, you guys are awful, but also, usually when you say vote me out, no one votes you out. So I tried it, and it worked." Hurry -- make your predictions for next week's episode and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It's fun and easy!

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Joe Anglim may not have won a million bucks on "Survivor," but his spot-on impressions of tribe mates Mike Holloway and Rodney Lavoie could very well earn him his own Broadway one-man show. Listen to Joe's hilarious impersonations in our new exit interview podcast.

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"If Joe Anglim had lost that Immunity, girls alliance was on lock. I'm not taking Joe to the end, heck no," reveals the latest "Survivor" castoff Hali Ford following her elimination. Did you predict Hali's torch would be snuffed Wednesday night? Hurry -- make your predictions now at and you could win our weekly prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It's fun and easy!

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"[My head injury] looked a lot worse than it was. They stitched me up and I went right back out into the game," says the latest "Survivor: Worlds Apart" castoff Kelly Remington after her elimination. With Kelly out of the game, it's time to update or change your "Survivor" predictions. Hurry -- make your own predictions now and you could win our weekly prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It's fun and easy!

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Was Joaquin Souberbielle's bromance with Rodney Lavoie on "Survivor" really the reason for his downfall? "For sure, 100%, no questions about it," the latest castoff tells Gold Derby exclusively after his elimination. "Mike Holloway couldn't bear to see somebody take away his friend and he was definitely jealous. He likes to say we're a power couple, but deep down inside he couldn't take it. Plus on top of that, I was getting too close to Sierra Thomas and he had to do what he had to do. He took me out."

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Watch our slugfest video below with editors Marcus James Dixon, Daniel Montgomery, Rob Licuria and Ralph Galvan, including what shows will be helped (or hurt) by the "Orange" category switch. We also ruminate over the fact that "Glee," "Jane the Virgin" and "Shameless" were all allowed to stay put in comedy, which essentially means the Emmys changed their rule book this year simply to get "Orange" out of the comedy fields.

"If you go into 'Survivor' and you think that you're not gonna rub heads or you expect not to ... you're not there to play hard," says "Survivor" castoff Lindsey Cascaddan to Gold Derby about her elimination. "Rodney Lavoie and I are both out for blood. We want to win. [But] I think it was the personal things -- the attacks at women, maybe the things that were too vulgar to even be aired -- that got under my skin."

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"My family was proud about the fact that I looked so god damned hot," jokes "Survivor" castoff Max Dawson to Gold Derby about his penchant for walking around naked. "My mother is the biggest 'Survivor' fan of all time. She did not mind at all so long as it didn't hurt my game. And I don't think it did hurt my game. I never got any indication from my fellow tribe members or from the edit that my nakedness had anything to do with my downfall."

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"There's a tremendous amount that happens on the show that you don't get to see," says "Survivor: Worlds Apart" castoff Vince Sly during our Q&A podcast. "My perception is that there's no reason for Will to have gone with any other decision than us against the Barbie Bots. I did everything I possibly could to set that up, including the reason why they chose to split their votes ... which was I faked an Idol."

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"You can't really sum up how you feel after something like that happens," says "Survivor: Worlds Apart" castoff So Kim during our Q&A following her elimination. "Especially given the circumstances and everything that I feel like I've gone through to get there. It's heartbreak. It's opportunity lost. It's a what-if, could-have, should-have, would-have."

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