Gold Derby - GoldDerby: Oscars Predictions

Oscars are days away! Listen to the predictions of Tom O'Neil, Chris Beachum, Paul Sheehan, Daniel Montgomery and Marcus James Dixon.

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Kevin Polowy (Yahoo), Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood) and Tom O'Neil give their best advice on how to predict those crafts and shorts races at the Oscars.

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Listen to three of Hollywood's top Oscarologists: Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood), Kevin Polowy (Yahoo) and Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby). Can Denzel Washington really beat Casey Affleck for Best Actor? Could Emma Stone really lose Best Actress?

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Chris Beachum, Marcus James Dixon and Tom O'Neil discuss all things Oscars. Read more at

Chris Beachum, Marcus James Dixon and Tom O'Neil discuss all things Oscars.

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Listen to Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) predict Isabelle Huppert for Best Actress while both Travers and Michael Musto ("Out") stick with Casey Affleck to win Best Actor over Denzel Washington, who Tom O'Neil picks to prevail. 

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Listen to Anne Thompson (Indiewire), Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood), Tim Gray (Variety) and Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby) on who's ahead to win the top Oscar races.

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Listen to Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby) update their Oscar predictions now that the SAG and PGA Awards are over. Has Denzel Washington really zoomed ahead of Casey Affleck?

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Gold Derby editors Tom O'Neil, Paul Sheehan, Chris Beachum, Daniel Montgomery and Marcus James Dixon react to the 2017 Oscar nominations LIVE in our slugfest video.

Is "La La Land" unbeatable? What other films will be nominated for Best Picture? Hear Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil and Deadline Hollywood wag Pete Hammond.

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