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"You can't really sum up how you feel after something like that happens," says "Survivor: Worlds Apart" castoff So Kim during our Q&A following her elimination. "Especially given the circumstances and everything that I feel like I've gone through to get there. It's heartbreak. It's opportunity lost. It's a what-if, could-have, should-have, would-have."

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How the hell did "Birdman" win Best Picture? Why didn't Michael Keaton beat Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor? Tom O'Neil and Jack Mathews look over the winners' list and explain it all to you.

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Tom O'Neil ended up clobbering Tariq Khan at Oscar predictions this year to wreak revenge for losing to Tariq last year. Now these dueling Oscars pundits clash one last time as they look back at their most brilliant and idiotic predictions this year.

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On the eve of the 87th Oscars, the Emmys threw us a massive curveball by announcing several new rule changes -- some rather controversial. Emmy lovers that we all are, Gold Derby's Editors decided to do an improptu video slugfest to help clarify what these changes mean going forward.

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The notorious dueling Oscar experts disagree on who will win 6 categories. Who'll turn out to be correct -- Tom O'Neil or Tariq Khan?

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Deadline's Oscar pundit Pete Hammond picks "Birdman" to win Best Picture, but believes "Boyhood" or "Whiplash" could pull off up an upset. The race is VERY CLOSE, he tells Gold Derby Editor Tom O'Neil.

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Actor Kit Harington talks to Gold Derby's Daniel Montgomery about his role in the Oscar-nominated animated blockbuster "How to Train Your Dragon 2," and about the big differences between wintry "Game of Thrones" productions in Northern Ireland and attending the glamorous SAG Awards.

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Poor Michael Musto -- he admits to Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil that has little confidence in his 2014-2015 Oscars predictions. And Tom gooses him HARD as the dueling pundits go it over the suspense in the top races. Will "Birdman" or "Boyhood" win Best Picture? Who's ahead for Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne or Michael Keaton?

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Composer Alexandre Desplat talks to Gold Derby's Daniel Montgomery about earning double Oscar-nominations for "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Imitation Game." Find out which one he composed in just three weeks, and also learn which of his many awards was the most meaningful to him.

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The veteran Oscars pundit tells Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil that he's not riding the 'Boyhood' bandwagon. He explains why 'Birdman' will win Best Picture.

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